inally, my website is alive! It’s taken me years, countless iterations and many scraped concepts to finally nail down a design I was content with. Making your own website is like a tornadic pillar trap; nothing is ever perfect, and right when you finish making something, you think of something better. It becomes a never ending cycle of rebuild after rebuild, and more and more hair starts falling out.


That’s not to say I haven’t had a lot of fun dreaming up a new design, I love that part. Taking the time to piece together navigation and pages of content is always an interesting challenge. Making a site that works on all kinds of devices, a little more unpredictable but an equally intriguing idea. When it drags on forever, hung up by big time sensitive projects and other pressing matters is when it starts to fall flat. I of course don’t blame anyone, constantly dreaming up new concepts long after I’ve picked one and started making it a reality is entirely on me.


I’ve had several people compliment my old website, if you’re one of them you might be asking yourself, “Why bother going through all this trouble to make a new site when the old one was fine?” Truth is, it was hell to manage. Backing away from my old site, I wanted a portfolio. I wanted a place where I could easily display a lot my work and do it justice with a new refined navigation system.


Thinking about it some more, I wanted to craft that portfolio into a community. Recently I surpassed five thousand subscribers on Youtube with nearly a half a million views. I have nothing but gratitude and love for the all people who support and comment on my videos; helping each other out and answering each other’s questions. It’s a community unto itself. So I’ve taken all of my videos and brought them over here with all the comforts of home, with plans to expand community involvement in the future. So keep your eyes peeled.


One of the biggest delays in getting this site off the ground was my shop. I’m constantly asked “where can I get a print?” and “how much is framing?” So I knew I had have something to sell prints but finding a provider wasn’t easy. Realistic pricing was another concern, but primarily I wanted the experience to be streamlined for everyone, most importantly the customer. Eventually, I found Art Storefronts who hooked me up with a local print shop, Newfoundland Canvas, who have made this whole process incredibly simple. If you’re looking for a print of any kind, you can pick the dimensions, the paper and the framing or mounting style, and then order it, all on your screen with zero phone calls, emails or legwork involved. You check out my shop here, new prints are added periodically.


Finally, it’s done. It’s been way longer than it should’ve been, but I hope you enjoy the site and get a chance to check out some of my work, my videos, and if you’re in the market for some wall art, check out my shop and have a browse.


Thank you very much to everyone for all the support over the years. I’ve been quiet for a long time thanks to my old site, but hopefully with this new site completed, you’ll hear from me a bit more often.


POSTED ON: July 1st, 2015



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